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22 October 1957
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Your Information
Name: Rosie
LJ username: cant_talk_pizza
Age: 14
Role-playing experience (not required, but if any, links please): None
How often are you online (daily, every other day, weekly)?: Usually daily

Your Character
General Information
Name: Ted Tonks
Possible journal name for this character: tonksa_truck
Date of birth: October 22 1958
House: Hufflepuff
Blood Status (Pureblood, Half-blood, Muggle-born, etc): Muggleborn
Physical description: Medium-tall, short mousy brown hair, big feet, dark brown eyes

First impression (others have of you): People think I'm funny, sweet, a bit of a pushover, and very loyal. I dunno, I don't really try to be any of these things at all, I'm just sort of.. Ted.
General personality traits: Very clumsy, good sense of humor, very messy and bad at cleaning, sweet, follows through on promises, medium-smart,
Likes: Cherries, dogs, talking, smiling, spending time with people, getting into trouble
Dislikes: Severus Snape, cantaloupe, sitting still for long periods of time, too much quiet
Extracurricular Activities: playing wizard's chess, talking, reading, drawing
Personal Weakness(es): Gives in a bit too easily, can lose temper too quickly sometimes, too proud at times
Personal Strength(s): very social, gets along with almost everyone,
Close Friendships: Amos Diggory, Bertha Jorkins, Andromeda Black, Amelia Bones, Benjy Fenwick and also that one odd first year, wossisface, who always flicks cheese at me. I like him.
Share a secret: My mum never liked the fact that I was a wizard. She always wished for a normal son, or, even better, a daughter.

Family History
Parents: Penelope and Jake Tonks
Siblings: none
Tell us, in a paragraph, what it was like growing up with your family: We were always a bit poor, so we had to scrounge and my mum was always coming up with creative ways to make space in our tiny house, and I think my parents were secretly a teeny bit glad that I was going off to Hogwarts, because that meant there was more space. My mum and I were never nearly as close as my dad and I were. My parents weren't too strict, but they were strict enough to make sure I always did my homework and ate and didn't get into too much trouble.
andromeda, dogs, muffin papers, smiling, talking